Friday, 20 May 2011

Fukushima - The Media - The Uranium Queen

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Forget about radioactive fallout... look here, the Queen is visiting Ireland

Two months on
and no end in sight, yes this is the current state of affairs when it comes to the painful issue of the ongoing nuclear radiation spills in Japan. Yet very little facts of the true extent of this global catastrophe trickles down to the forefront of the mass media and the collective consciousness at large.

Surprisingly the public who pay and will continue to pay the price with hard earned cash and the consequence to their health, seems quite content feeding on a diet of ready dished out trivia such as which Royal is wearing what hat? Who was not invited and who farts to the left... Some sense of priorities we have?!

In the same token; While too many Irish people are evacuated from their own streets to make way for a contentious Royal visit and protect the Queen, not enough Japanese people are evacuated from their own homes to protect them from the uncontrolled crisis of nuclear radiation that will plague their environment and ours for many millennia to come...

Yet the important announcement by TEPCO admitting that figures confirmed a nuclear meltdown took place at Fukushima as early as 16 hours after the earthquake on the 11 of March, paled in comparison to the world wide coverage and discussion on how elegant the Queen looked in white and which Irish public servant dared to bow before her. Some sense of priorities we have?!

When it comes to the British Monarchy Vs Nuclear Radiation competing for the headlines - British Monarchy seems to be wining hands down every time! Why is that? Is it really our warped sense of priorities? Or is there an organised, deliberate and well executed diversion of public attention a way from an issue as important as self preservation?

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


The evidence

Can we believe a word of it?

This is such a fortunate timing accompanied with such little real evidence, that I can’t but help question the authenticity of the ‘OBAMA GETS OSAMA’ episode of this long drawn theatrical farce.

Osama must be treasured in some political circles. His status as international bogeyman been ever so useful in so many ways, without him, so many things would not have been possible; If it was not for Bin Laden alleged attack on America, could invading Afghanistan and Iraq would have been possible? How about rolling out the Patriot Act, or accepting torture and Guantanamo as just ‘another day another dollar’? Would it all be possible without having the illusive Osama running from cave to cave ending up in a million dollar mansion?

Sorry I don’t buy it!

Using Osama as election candy is not new it was suggested and reported that his capture will be used if there was a need to ensure bush continual squat in the white house for the full 8 years. But for all the strategy in the world, those around Bush could never really be there every time he opened his mouth without an ear piece. Only 6 month after 911 Bush questions whether or not Osama was alive.